Crawley Swimming Club back in the water - and it’s a ‘great feeling’

Crawley Swimming Club are back in the water - and head coach Will Philpot has thanked everyone for helping them get there.

Thursday, 27th August 2020, 3:43 pm
Updated Thursday, 27th August 2020, 3:44 pm

It’s been a long wait to return to the pool for all swimmers - but Crawley are now back at K2 and it’s a ‘great feeling’.

In a video posted on the club’s facebook page, Philpot said:”As a coach it’s great to be back in the water.

“We are really grateful to the council and the centre staff and everybody who has helped get it off the ground.

Crawley Swimming Club's head coach Will Philpot

“The members have been fantastic and supportive and the coaching team has been amazing.

“I am really, really grateful for everything that has happened. IIt’s been a journey to get here, but we are here now.

“And it’s a great feeling.”

A national campaign has started to help get other clubs and swimmers back in the pool.

Philpot said: “I am very concious a lot of swimmers and coaches and clubs do not have a pool and with that we will continue to support the Open Our Pools campaign so everyone can get back in the water.”

Swimmers from the club also appeared in the video.

Post Grad Sam said: “It’s been great to be back swimming training and to see all our friends again in the swimming pool.”

Abbie, from the senior squad, said: “I’ve missed being able to get my feedback for my coaches.

“I have missed being able to cheer all my friends or say good luck or well done.”

Dan, one of the parents and one of the Masters team, said: “During lockdown, Will and the coaching team have put a huge amount of effort in to keeping the young swimmers, and also the masters swimmers, engaged with their swimming, fitness and mental well being during lockdown.

“There were regular workout sessions sent through, there were fun games too.”

Maisie, a high performance swimmer, said: “When I found out lockdown was announced in March, I was gutted because it meant I could not go to the British champs and it meant I couldn’t qualify for the European Juniors.

“But despite this I knew that during lockdown and I needed to keep strong and fit so that when I cam back I didn't lose any strength.

“I have Olympic trails coming up so I know I have to work hard for that.”