Game review: Game controllers

OK, so you’re sitting comfortably in your new gaming chair, your expensive 5.1 surround sound headset sitting neatly on your head, with your awesome gaming glasses wrapped around your eyeballs.

Wednesday, 18th July 2012, 9:48 am

You really think you’re looking good and life doesn`t get much better than this.

With a nice cool beverage and some awesome snacks within easy reach, you carefully slip the freshly opened copy of the very latest, must have game into your console, the lights are dimmed, the LCD flat screen vibrantly lights up the room.

You are like a cheetah poised and ready to take that leap into action, every muscle in your arms is tense and raring to go, you press A, and then nothing!

The batteries have run out on your standard wireless controller, you fall to your knees knowing that you have just used up the last decent set of batteries from the TV remote, and it’s raining outside!

“Why oh, why, did I have to go wireless?” I hear you cry.

Yes folks this cautionary tale leads me to an often overlooked yet essential part of the gaming experience, the wired controller.

If you’re serious about your gaming, then it`s all about the cabling.

So I have scoured the internet and come up with two of the best controllers out there at the moment.

OK they may not be cheap, but if you’re slightly serious about your gaming, you will definitely need one of these.

The ONZA TOURNAMENT EDITION is a great controller for any gamer who wants to crank up the their gaming experience and is on a limited budget.

Don`t be fooled by the price folks, this item is way beyond your standard controller.

First thing you notice is the shape, it’s a bit more angular than a standard controller.

It’s very tactile and comfortable, the layout is the same as an standard Xbox® controller (the start and back buttons have been re- located at the bottom of the face plate, instead of the top), except this one has much more to offer.

You can adjust the resistance on the analog sticks (word of warning theses are made of plastic and could break if you twist too hard).

The buttons or HYPERESPONSE ACTION BUTTONS ,as they are known by, are very responsive, with the addition of two extra left and right buttons (which are programmable).

It feels and looks the business at a great price.

ONZA TOURNAMENT EDITION controller has a 15ft braided cable attached, which is much thicker than a standard cable, and does make difference even if your dog keeps getting tangled in it.

The rubber finish gives the controller a cool and professional look. With the light-up buttons and subtly inlaid RAZER logo it certainly is a stylish and ergonomic piece of kit.

I have used this controller for a while now, and although the cable can get in the way, it is far superior to any standard controller and it does respond well, with all kinds of games.

Another nice feature is the trigger buttons, they are slightly curved, which makes firing much more immediate (just what you need in a swarm) and with the programmable R and L buttons, you can soon have a customised set-up to improve your gaming.

If you are considering upgrading then look no further, for the price of a game, you can have a well-built controller that will improve your gaming, and that’s a good thing.

2 Adjustable resistance analog sticks

2 Multi-Function Buttons (MFB)

4 backlit Hyperesponse action buttons

Precision D-Pad

Non-slip rubber surface

Quick release USB connector

15 foot, lightweight, braided fiber cable

2.5mm microphone jack

Approximate Size : 154 mm / 6.06“ (Length) x 109 mm / 4.29“ (Width) x 60.5 mm / 2.38“ (Height)

Approximate Weight: 249 g / 0.55 lbs

Price: £40 (depending on retailer) (17/07/2012)

Right then, if you really want to upgrade big time then get your hands on one of these, the MLG PRO CIRCUIT CONTROLLER from MADCATZ.

This is one of the most impressive gaming accessories I have seen for a while, as soon as you see the box you know you’re in for a treat,

Everything about this item is about precision, and build quality.

At around £90 its one expensive piece of kit to play games with, and is a big investment for an average gamer, the upside being you do get a nice item that will last a long time,

The whole thing comes apart, which is its unique feature.

With two different types of analog sticks and D-pads, you can set this up as you like. Another advantage of this is if you break an analog stick or a D-pad you can just replace that one piece.

The side and top plates are interchangeable (so look forward to some custom covers), you can have either a shiny look, or a matt look with the two sets of covers included.

The cable is a three metre braided pro cable, and is attached with a screw in socket at the top.

Another nice touch is the case for storage which is perfect for carrying it around (if that’s what you do with your controllers).

With adjustable weights in the back, you can get the perfect set-up for your style of gameplay.

There are no additional buttons, in fact it does look like a standard Xbox ® controller, just feels more solid and well built.

Playing wise, this controller is very responsive and feels very solid and reliable. It takes a while to get the right set-up and weight.

Once you have, this controller really is in a class of its own. You do feel more in tune with the game, responses are quicker, and you don`t have to really put much pressure on the buttons to get a result ,