Review: Dirty Dancing, The Hawth

There are a lot of films which scream out for a stage version and there are some that are not.

Monday, 14th August 2017, 11:49 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 12:02 pm
Katie Eccles as Baby and Johnny Castle 6. Picture by Alistair Muir

Spider-man and American Psycho were not ones that made you think: "I could see someone singing this on stage". But Dirty Dancing was one. With a great soundtrack and dancing at it's very core, a stage version was always inevitable after it's release in 1987.

It first appeared on stage in 2004 before hitting the West End in 2006. And now Baby and Johnny are hitting the Hawth stage as part of a National Tour.

Seen by millions across the globe this worldwide smash hit tells the classic story of the two main characters, played with great enthusiasm by Katie Eccles and Lewis Griffiths, two independent young spirits from different worlds, who come together in what will be the most challenging and triumphant summer of their lives.

Katie Eccles as Baby and Lewis Griffiths as Johnny. Picture by Alistair Muir

Eccles displayed great comic timing when Baby starts out on her dancing journey while Griffiths struts around the stage with great confidence and although very serious, shows he has a cheeky side as well (that one is for the ladies in the audience).

The support cast do a solid job and Lizzie Ottley has her moment to shine as Baby's sister Lisa doing her solo hula song. Michael Kent also stands out when he has his big moment singing the ballad In the Still of the Night (I'll Remember). Carlie Milner (Penny), Julian Harries (Dr Jake Houseman) and Simone Craddock (Marjorie Houseman) also put in good performances in some of the more dramatic scenes.

All the iconic scenes are all in there - the water melons, the lake scene (which I can't decide is either the best scene or worst scene I have ever seen on stage), the lift, and THAT line - which drew huge cheers from the crowd.

But the show is about the dancing and the 35 hit songs - a mixture of soundtrack and live singing - including Hungry Eyes, Hey Baby, Do You Love Me? and iconic (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life. The only let down was She's Like the Wind was just an instrumental.

The company of Dirty Dancing. Picture by Alistair Muir

But any fan of the film will have a great night out and you will be singing along and dancing in the aisles long after the cast have left the stage.

Age suitability: 12yrs+

Tickets: Mon-Thu: £44, Fri 5.30pm: £37.50, Fri 8.30pm & Sat: £46.50.

Discounts: £5 off. Groups 10 or more: £7.50 off.

Katie Eccles as Baby and Lewis Griffiths as Johnny. Picture by Alistair Muir

Premium seats (Fri 8.30pm & Sat 7.30pm): £51.50 includes best seats, free programme and cloakroom now available!

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The company of Dirty Dancing. Picture by Alistair Muir