West Sussex busker celebrates in song his girlfriend's quirkiness

Worthing and Crawley busker Sam and Sounds celebrates the quirkiness of his girlfriend with his new single Silly.

Thursday, 4th February 2021, 11:00 am
Sam & Sounds
Sam & Sounds

“I wrote it around the end of March, beginning of April last year, and it was one of those things that I didn’t want to rush. It took a while.

“I came up with the whole idea when I was waiting for Tesco’s to have a delivery. I was waiting in the car park back in the time of all the panic-buying, and I was waiting for them to have a delivery so that I could rush in and get some avocados.

“I wrote the song while I was sitting on a wall. I sang it into my phone, and there is like a little video clip. I went home and pondered it and liked it and carried on with it. I thought it would just give it a try.

“I was in that situation of being in lockdown and missing my girlfriend. She lives in London and lockdown shunted us into four months of not being able to be together in person, and this song was really just me trying to see things in a positive light and just saying that I really miss her.

“I guess the song was like a coping mechanism really and just trying to put our relationship into the song.

“We have got pretty much the silliest relationship you could ever have hoped for. Her whole personality is just so whacky and so much fun, and I wanted to get her personality and the truth of her into those lyrics when I couldn’t be with her.

“When I told her I was writing a song about her, she was really worried what I was going to be writing about and saying! But I am pleased to say that it has got her approval.”

Sam went to music college at BIMM in Fulham at the end of 2018: “I had this dream that I would be playing music 24/7 and emerge to be playing to 40,000 people at festivals, but I couldn’t fit in with the theory that you have to do. BIMM wasn’t really my thing. I dropped out after four months.”

Instead, one thing led to another and he ended up busking instead – a much better way to develop his skills, Sam believes.

“Obviously I am not busking at all at the moment, but when the restrictions are lifted, I am busking two or three times a week and singing for four or five hours straight off until I can barely sing.

“It surprises me every single time. I never thought it would be as lucrative as it is. Obviously it can be dispiriting if you are standing in the cold for hours and then you don’t make much money, but the money is really only one of the benefits. Basically, you are getting four hours paid practice, and even if I don’t make as much money as I hoped, then at least I am still practising.

“I used to do a lot of busking in Crawley which was my favourite place – but then I found somewhere that was much more lucrative. I would now say that Worthing is my favourite place to busk. It is bigger.

“The spot I go is more open, and there are more things going on. It is more lucrative and more fun.”

Sam made a great start to his musical career last year.

His first three singles outdid each other. Do it All Again, Addicted to You and Cloud 9 soared to 200,000 streams within three months of his debut and more than 32,000 monthly listeners.