Billingshurst sculptor showing at RHS Wisley Gardens

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph

Michael Joseph, a tutor at the Sussex Sculpture Studio in Billingshurst, will be exhibiting at  RHS Wisley Gardens until September 22.

As he says, there is both tenderness and tension in Tryst, his latest sculpture.

“The outsized angular man appears to have great strength; the woman seemingly slim and weak, yet he is the fragile one and she is made of solid steel. She is dreaming of permanence but his love is ephemeral and could disintegrate at any moment. Interestingly as you walk past, the man’s transparent body changes but the woman stays exactly the same. Women can always see through men.”

As Michael says, he likes subject material with feelings and emotions and expresses them in semi-abstract terms. More recently his sculptures are on a large scale. Michael’s studio includes a forge for shaping steel and a foundry for casting bronze

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