Billionaire Boy brings tears of laughter as new show opens at Horsham's Capitol theatre

Matthew Gordon as Billionaire Boy Joe Spud
Matthew Gordon as Billionaire Boy Joe Spud

David Walliams' Billioniare Boy has already proved to be a hugely successful book and a movie.

Now it has evolved again with a live stage production, which opened at Horsham's Capitol last night (Thursday September 26).

David Walliams at The Capitol. Picture by Jack Sain.

David Walliams at The Capitol. Picture by Jack Sain.

And it certainly hit the mark, bringing tears of laughter from the delighted audience of children and their parents, who thoroughly enjoyed the show from beginning to end.

There was a special surprise before the curtain came down, when Walliams himself descended the stairs from the back of the auditorium, to take to the stage and congratulate the cast and director Neal Foster.

Matthew Gordon took the title role of Joe Spud, heir to the Bumfresh fortune with everything a boy could possibly want... except maybe a friend.

The tale sees him swap his snobby private school for the local comprehensive, in the hope that he can hide his father's fame for long enough to find a best pal who likes him for who he is, not for his bundles of cash.

David Walliams' Billionaire Boy is now live on stage

David Walliams' Billionaire Boy is now live on stage

With a brilliant cast, quick-changing their way through all the roles in the story, this new live show has some wonderful songs. My favourite was sung by dinnerlady Mrs Trafe, one of the best characters in the show, played by Emma Matthews.

But perhaps it's more important for you to know what my ten-year-old son thought of the show. Lawrie is a huge fan of Walliams' books, and was really excited about seeing Billionaire Boy on stage.

He said: "I really loved the show and it made me laugh a lot especially the Grub Twins. The show's props were amazing from chocolate to a helicopter!

"The main prop was a stack of boxes and toilet rolls that split apart into many things like disco lights, school items and Raj's newsagents.

"I liked the teachers' song 'Walk, Don't Run', but I wouldn't fancy having Mrs Trafe's cooked Blu Tack!

"It's an amazing show, I really think any aged person would like it."

There is still time to see the show, with performances tonight (Friday, September 27), tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday (September 29).

To book tickets, call 01403 750220 or visit the The Capitol theatre website.