Former Chichester student takes secret agent show to Brighton Fringe


University of Chichester student Jamie Cranfield was the kind of child who would always be diving under the table or talking into a fake mobile phone.

He constructed a world in which his father, quietly working in his shed, was actually a villain.

These are the thoughts he pours into his new show Agent 3.14 which he brings to the Brighton Fringe where he will be in action with the piece on May 20 and 21 at 7pm at The Pipeline, Little East Street.

Jamie, originally from Shoreham and now living in Portslade, is in his second year at Chichester and is enjoying the course.

“I transferred straight into the second year because I had done a two-year foundation course at Northbrook.”

Chichester quickly felt like home and a great place to study, with plenty of opportunities and a great feeling of everyone working together supportively.

“Chichester is a really good city.

“I really enjoy the community and everybody joins together. I love the idea of the theatre just down the road from my student house. I go to Chichester Festival Theatre quite a lot through the Prologue tickets that they do.

“And the course is really good. It has given me a lot of different ways of thinking. I have got into parody song-writing through try-outs. Recently, at Christmas, I did a production we made up ourselves and I did a parody Elvis song about a maze that led to the underworld.

“I have also done visual technology projects, and I have also created my own character called Captain Chichester. I went down town in Chichester and did some filming and got people to pretend that they were in danger.”

The idea was that Captain Chichester would come to the rescue.

Now he is exploring secret agent territory with the new show.

“It is about a guy that wants to become a spy. He is just a normal school boy or student, but in real life it is all just in his head.

“All his gadgets are just household objects.

“He makes up his own villains as well.”

One of the props is a painted-on face on a mop with a dress on: “I have tried to make it as human as possible! There is also a board that has got a face on. It goes on an easel at the back of the performance. It represents the leader of MI5.

“Agent 3.14 arrives for a maths class really late and he uses the excuse of going to the toilet to become an agent, changing in the cleaning closet.”

Jamie hopes to get a reviewer along to see the show; longer term he is hoping to take the show to Edinburgh and perhaps also tour it.

“I will aim for that after I finish university in 2020. I want to end up touring it or creating other shows.”

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