Romeo & Juliet in a weekend coming up in Horsham

HAODS Romeo and Juliet
HAODS Romeo and Juliet

Romeo & Juliet in a weekend is the promise as Horsham’s HAODS celebrate their 65th anniversary. The company is delighted to be taking part in the town’s Year of Culture events.

Spokeswoman Yvonne Chadwell said: “Working with the community and the skills and resources of the society, we are bringing a truly one-off dramatic opportunity to the Capitol over the weekend of the August 31 and September 1.

“We will be putting together the final stages of the famous Shakespeare tragedy Romeo & Juliet in the two-day workshop. The team of directors has been working with the main characters since June to develop and create the structure into which we will add the citizens of Verona on the weekend.

“The star-crossed lovers are played by Josh Watts and Holly Morris with a supporting cast including some HAODS favourites as well as a number of new faces to regular audiences.

“The workshop is free to attend for anyone over 12 and will culminate in a one-off performance to the public on the Sunday evening at 7pm.

“Taking place at the Capitol Theatre Horsham, the aim is to showcase our local talent and the wonderful theatre we perform in.

“During the workshop, there will be the opportunity to learn some stage fighting, create crowd scenes, dance and perform some original music written for us by Andrew Donovan. The work-shop runs from 10am on the Saturday and Sunday with the performance starting at 7pm on Sunday, September 1.

“The workshop is free to attend, with the performance tickets priced at £10 with £5 concessions. Tickets are available from the Capitol Theatre website and box office. To lodge your interest in the workshop, please contact or contact us through the HAODS web-site.”

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