Traveller aims to spread the word about big Cs with new book

Roger Mallock
Roger Mallock

Travel expert and author Roger Mallock wants us all to discover the big seas. Well, the big Cs, to be exact.

Roger, who is based in Arundel, is wanting to spread the word that cruising is the best possible holiday experience, all thanks to the Cs that come in its wake.

Roger’s new book Cruisemaster promises in its subtitle Ten Reasons Why You Will Have The Best Holiday Experience, and the Cs have a great deal to do with it – especially this year when there’s never been a better time to cruise.

One of the big Cs is the company you will keep on board, the chance to spend time with like-minded people; just as important is the comfort you will enjoy, which goes hand in hand with the convenience.

The emphasis of the book is on ex-UK cruising from Southampton just an hour away from here, with a special focus on the two brand-new launches for spring 2015, the coming P&O flagship Britannia and Royal Caribbean’s new Quantum Class ship Anthem of the Seas, which will both operate cruises throughout the season from Britain’s most popular port, Southampton. Both of the lines are introducing unique innovations including in the case of Britannia a culinary quintet of celebrity chefs offering fantastic food flair and gorgeous gourmet cuisine, Roger says.

“And Anthem of the Seas.... Wow! It has got a pod that will be able to go up to about 300ft above the ship for a bird’s eye view all around, whether you are in port or at sea. That’s a first. It will be fantastic.”

The ship will also boast a flight simulator at sea.

“There will also be bumper cars, which will be a first. They have got basketball as well.”

As Roger says, the Royal Caribbean adverts have already started... and have started to stoke the anticipation.

Back to the Cs. Another is call, as in port of call, something which matters hugely despite all the on-board luxuries. As Roger says, the destinations are still the biggest reason anyone ever books a cruise, and the destinations are getting better and better.

“This season you will have these two new ships going head to head at Southampton from the spring all the way through to October.”

After that, one will go across to America, the other to the Caribbean.

A further C is the cabin. The summer offers the promise of top-notch cabins, the best in the world, a number with balconies, in keeping with current demand.

The Cs keep on coming. Next is choice, the huge variety of things you can do on-board, all backed up by the C of communication, modern ships coming with all the modern comms you’d expect on land.

Clinching it all will be the C of cost, Roger argues – the fact that, unless you go down the speciality routes, you will be looking at all-inclusive prices, which should mean you will know where you stand, allowing you a further C still, that of the cashless environment, which will underline the C of convenience.

Roger predicts the two new ships will be game-changers in the cruising world. They will be pretty much on our doorstep this summer, and he offers his book, aimed at newcomers to the cruising world, as the best way to take advantage of all they will be able to offer.

The book is available from Roger on 07909 967182 or