Club night experience for adults with learning disabilities coming to Crawley

A new club night for adults with learning difficulties will be held in Crawley this week.

Thursday, 2nd September 2021, 10:15 am

The event, run by Big Life Events, will take place at Redz Bar, based at Crawley Town Football Club, on Friday (September 3).

The Big Life products and services seek to revolutionise life opportunities and experiences for people with learning disabilities and to create true equality between people with learning disabilities and other citizens.

Frustrated at the lack of events available locally and determined to offer up an authentic experience, the 'Go Big or Go Home' club night was born.

Holly and Tim are excited for the club night experience at Redz Bar on Friday

Managing director of Big Life Events, Alexis Ali, said: “At Big Life Events we want to raise expectations about what people can achieve by adopting a no limits philosophy.

“We aim to influence and energise people to be imaginative, adventurous, and experimental with their lives.

“Clubbing, relationships, staying up late, partying - they are all things that we take for granted and it should be no different for adults with learning disabilities.

“They have the right to party just like everyone else and Big Life Events advocates strongly for that."

DJ's from Tons of Sounds, Josh, Neel and Billy, will play at the club night

Alexis searched for a venue but found it surprisingly hard. But eventually, the Redz Bar came up trumps, and the club night was booked in.

Alexis added: “Often we didn’t hear back from venues like nightclubs and there was no information online as to whether they had disabled access and toilets.

"Our event will end late, have a licensed bar and professional DJ’s. Although the venue isn’t a night club, we want to bring a night club experience.

“There will be a glitter'n'glam stall, a photo booth and a light-it-up stall where people can purchase light-up clubbing items.

James, David, Steven, Ashley and Tom are all looking forward to the event

“People will be encouraged to stay until the end and with the minimum of support."

Alexis hopes this will become a regular event and Big Life Events are supporting the #stayuplate and #nobedtime campaigns which fight for people's right to party and a change to how people with learning disabilities are supported.

Alexis said: “Too often people with learning disabilities are just supported to stay alive (medication, health and safety etc) and although this is of course really important, we also think people should be supported to live and this includes staying out late and partying with your mates!"

For further information on the event or to reserve a ticket, people can get in touch with Alexis on 07712 672661.