Our favourite places explored in Horsham art exhibition

Work by Sarah Duffield
Work by Sarah Duffield

Artist Sarah Duffield is offering Colourful Places, a Horsham District Year of Culture commission and project (until December 14).

Works will be displayed at Horsham Museum and Art Gallery after which the four commissioned art works, which are the property of the district, will be moved to various venues for accessible viewing by as many residents as possible.

The paintings are Rewilding (Knepp estate and ruin); Worth the Wait (Chesworth farm in Horsham); Looking West (view from Beeding Hill); and Ambling (River Arun and chalk pit at Amberley).

Sarah said: “I’ve been working as a full-time artist for approximately six years now.

“My latest venture is art tutoring. I love it.

“Some people like my work, some people don’t and that’s fine.

“Our lives and homes would be terribly boring if we all liked the same thing.

“I describe my work as Marmite and I love it. Coincidently I love Marmite as well.

“I have found a way of seeing the world that excites me, and it is that way of seeing which I try to express when creating a painting.

“Last year I was commissioned by Horsham District council to produce four landscape paintings of well-known views of the District for the Year of Culture project.

“The paintings were to be displayed in a solo exhibition at Horsham museum and art gallery.

“We asked residents for suggestions of well-loved views and compiled a list.

“I bought a map and spent a month discovering some of the beautiful areas right on my doorstep.

“I met lots of lovely people who were often happy to point me in the right direction, discovered many new places to get a great lunch, found tree houses, a beach, got lost in a forest, walked up some big hills, realised I am petrified of cows and that you need to break walking boots in before you tramp off for miles in them.

“After much consideration and walking we chose views spread across the district which we felt would be familiar to many residents; Knepp estate and ruin, The view from Beeding Hill, The Arun and chalk pits in Amberley and Chesworth Farm in Horsham

“What I produced took time and consideration.

“The paintings had to be great on their own as well as together.

“It’s not a perfect collection of works.

“If I did it again I would do it differently but I am quietly just a little bit over the moon with how my big HDYoC project has turned out.

“The finished project will be displayed at the Horsham museum between September 28 and December 14 at my Colourful Places exhibition.

“The 90cm x 70cm paintings will be shown alongside other works many of which are based on views suggested for the project.

“Also on display will be some of the sketches produced for the project accompanied by my own musings and thoughts about my work.

“I’ll be at the museum from midday on October 5 to present four mini prints to the people whose name suggestions were used for the artworks.

“I’ll also be available to answer any questions people might have about my work, my painting style and this project.

“Everyone is welcome.”

More details on www.sduffieldart.co.uk

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