Review: Horrible Histories, The Hawth

Horrible Histories
Horrible Histories

Is there a better way than teaching children history than Horrible Histories?

Whatever format you digest Horrible Histories - whether it be books, television or on stage - it engages, disgusts, humours and most importantly educates children.

The latest stage show at The Hawth Theatre, Crawley, is the More Best of Barmy Britain and charts British from the Romans to World War I.

There is slapstick, puerile humour, gags for the children and the adults, songs and plenty of costume changes.

Benedict Martin and Pip Chamberlain clearly had a lot of fun on stage and that translated to young Crawley audience. They used pop culture references to explain some of the history including Masterchef with Roman food (roasted dormouse anyone?!), Undercover Boss for Elizabethan times and The Apprentice for World War I.

It shouldn't work, but it really does. And just like the TV programme, the songs are genius and the highlight of the show. The Restoration Period and Puritans songs were my particular favourite.

Add in some audience participation and you have just over an hour's worth of pure entertainment.

For more information on more shows at The Hawth, visit their website.

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