Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Film Music Gala at The Hawth - review

Film Music Gala
Film Music Gala

The Hawth theatre is one of seven principal regional residences of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra who this Saturday brought their Film Gala to Sussex.

Conductor Nick Davies began his career in musical theatre including west end credits for Oklahoma! And Phantom of the opera.

More recently he has been engaged with the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and the Barber of Seville at Gothenburg Opera.

For two hours this afternoon the audience at Crawley was treated to some beautiful musical pieces which have accompanied some of the most popular and enduring movies.

Film music has dominated the career of Tommy Pearson who presented the afternoon who has presented the RPOs film music Gala for 15 years.

Musical highlights included Elmer Bernstein’s main theme from the Great Escape during which it was clear the audience really wanted to whistle along.

First Violin and co-leader of the London Philarmonic orchestra Kevin Lin performed the haunting solo during the main theme from Schindler’s List and then went on to be the “Fiddler” on the Roof as the orchestra played the suite adapted by John Williams from the music of Jerry Bock to rapturous applause.

An afternoon of music from film was not complete without music from John Barry, not Bond but Born Free and Out of Africa.

A real range of film genre was covered from The Big Country to the Avengers to Jurassic Park.

With an auidence spanning the generations there was something for everyone and Harry’s Wonderous World from Harry Potter was enjoyed as much as the theme from633 Squadron.

The RPO are returning to the Hawth on Friday October 11 with more Music from films like Quantum of Solace and Houseboat. On Saturday March 14 2020 Beethoven’s Sympony no.6 Pastoral which featured in Disney classic Fantastia will be played alongside other Beethoven favourites.